If your organization is interested in developing or standardizing a state-of-the-art approach to media training, our “train-the-trainer” program could be your perfect solution.

Train-the-Trainer Media Training
There are three components to this program. The first is Media Training With Excellence, a train-the-trainer guide that was written by Eric Bergman and published by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) in 2006. When IABC exited the publishing business earlier this year, Eric acquired exclusive rights to the publication. Each licensed training consultant receives his or her own copy, which IABC sold to members at US $380 per copy.

The second component is the
online media training program. This innovative, disciplined and effective program provides the theory spokespeople need to understand their role in managing exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes.

The third component is in-person practice, which is conducted by your staff. We teach them. They coach and teach your spokespeople. As internal experts, they bring the theory alive with a structured training approach that focuses on improving spokesperson behaviour.

The results will speak for themselves:
  • Your budget is extended because you use internal resources for most of your media training.
  • You bring a structured, proven program to your spokespeople.
  • Your public and media relations staff improve their consulting skills, which leads to better relationships with their internal clients.
  • You can train people when needed, not when you think someone might have an interview.
  • Finally, your spokespeople better understand how to manage media interviews to successful win-win outcomes.
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