“The online format encourages people to be active and engaged listeners with greater attention than otherwise might be possible by passively listening to a presentation.

"And it gives people the sense that there is content to be mastered here, which makes the learning process more worthwhile.

"You get something at the end when you score 45/50 on the quizzes and earn your Certificate of Completion."

Carol Kushner
Author of two best-selling health care books
Highly experienced spokesperson

"I've had the privilege of working with Eric Bergman for many years now. He is the best I've seen in my 15 year career and has elevated media training to an entirely new level.

"He custom tailors each session to his audience, learns your business and has led an international movement away from the flawed strategy of 'staying on message' that erodes credibility.

"He literally wrote the book on media relations best practices and had the vision to guide our industry towards a new era of trust, collaboration and relationship building long before social media had arrived."

Heath Applebaum, MCM, ABC

"Media relations is something that I do in my job periodically. However, regardless of how infrequent it may be it is important to have an understanding of ALL of the elements of effective media relations.

At Ease With the Media does an excellent job of balancing these elements in a way that does not make you feel overwhelmed and allows you to come away with a much better sense of all of the aspects good media relations.

"This program was time well spent."

Steven Van Alstine
The Canadian Payroll Association

"I consider Eric to be one of the world's thought leaders in the area of media relations and his presentations show his foresight and understanding of this changing world for business communicators.

"Eric is an excellent speaker who I would unequivocally recommend to anyone who is looking for an interesting and relevant presenter for a meeting, conference or business event.”

Camille Downing