In 2006, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) published Media Training with Excellence: A Balanced Approach, a comprehensive “train-the-trainer” guide that teaches others how to develop and deliver effective media training.

Media Training With Excellence by Eric Bergman, ABC, APR, MC
Written by Eric Bergman, ABC, APR, Media Training with Excellence is based on the assumption that the concept of "staying on message" is a fallacy—an outdated paradigm in an information-driven world. Media Training With Excellence offers a new, balanced approach that looks beyond the traditional principles of media training ... i.e. repeating the same message regardless of the question asked or telling the journalist “what’s really important.”

"This program refutes that view. It teaches that a spokesperson's job is to manage the interview to win-win outcomes," says Bergman. “To do that, spokespeople must first be taught to answer questions clearly and concisely, wherever and whenever possible. This not only protects them by providing less context from which misquotes can be drawn, it builds stronger working relationships with reporters."