Our innovative Skype approach is an excellent solution for providing media training to virtually any geographic area. Exactly when needed. No travel required.

Once spokespeople earn their Certificate of Completion from our innovative online program (which provides the theory they need to manage exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes), they participate in media training via Skype (or teleconference), which can be conducted anywhere on the planet from which Internet (or telephone service) is available.

Spokespeople are taken through a structured program that includes a series of practice media training interviews for print and broadcast. Preferably, each participant is interviewed at least four times, twice for print and twice for broadcast. Each interview is recorded. Portions are played back. Feedback is provided.

When they complete the program, spokespeople understand how to manage exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes (helping the journalist and supporting business and communication objectives), while protecting themselves and the organization they represent.

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