By separating theory and practice, At Ease With the Media provides a highly effective learning experience.

The online and in-person components are flexible, and can be adapted to a variety of needs. They can be purchased in isolation or as a unit, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve.

Online Program
The 10 modules of the program vary in length from four to 13 minutes. Spokespeople will not pass the quizzes if they do not listen to the modules, although they can try each quiz as many times as they like. However, each attempt they make shows up in their personal scorecard.

By simply paying attention, spokespeople can complete the program in less than two hours. This can be done in one sitting or over a number of logins.

In-Person Training
In-person training builds confidence. All practice interviews are recorded. Portions are played back. Constructive feedback is provided.

The ultimate goal is to have spokespeople who are trained, ready and confident, but cautious. They have tools to manage exchanges to win-win outcomes—to assist the journalist on one hand while supporting the organization’s business and communication objectives on the other.

No other media training program can match this approach.